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Let me introduce you to this year’s jampacked Careers and Hiring Guide and explain why it’s a must-read publication for every Salesforce professional and hiring manager.
Kashif Naqshbandi
Chief Marketing Officer


Skills Gap

Digital Skills Gap

In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, the digital skills gap is gathering pace, resulting in a chronic shortage of tech specialists worldwide. Featuring exclusive insights and commentary from our roundtable discussion – we assess the reality of the skills gap for organizations that utilize Salesforce and look at how we can bridge this gap from the frontline.

Skills and

Skills and certifications

Professional development lies at the heart of the Salesforce community, and in this edition, we profile the most popular Salesforce certifications and uncover their impact on your earning potential. Our findings also spotlight Trailhead badges, cross-training opportunities across Salesforce apps and products, and how candidates can ensure their resumes land top of the pile.

Attracting and
retaining talent

Attracting and retaining talent

Finding – and keeping – top Salesforce talent can be fiercely competitive. Candidates now expect greater workplace flexibility and a culture that prioritizes their wellbeing and happiness. We delve into major staffing challenges faced by organizations and identify the forward-thinking work perks most likely to entice job seekers into a new role.

Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) look like in the Salesforce ecosystem? And how can we level up our workforce to create opportunities for all? Our guide explores the latest innovations and developments in the DEI space and what we can do to embody Salesforce’s vision to change the world for the better and empower everyone to succeed.


Don Lynch

Senior Vice President, Global Cloud Solution Alliances, Salesforce
When I graduated with a degree in computer science some 35 years ago, back in the days before the internet, the industry was very different to what we see today. I’ve also seen a lot in that time, going from writing software in a cube to now overseeing the way Salesforce scales the capacity and capability of our global delivery ecosystem for one of the world’s leading cloud platforms.

Even the change from when I joined Salesforce nine years ago is quite breathtaking. We had 10,000 employees and three products back then—we’re now at 85,000 people working across 40 different products. We haven’t just reached every bold target set, we’ve exceeded them. The growth and the change at Salesforce is astronomical, and it’s absolutely exciting to be a part of and makes me motivated to come into work each day.

That’s not to say that our community is without its challenges. The demand for Salesforce products from our customers is phenomenal, but it also leaves the difficult task of finding an increased number of credentialed specialists who can maximize its potential for their employers. There’s no denying that hiring and retaining skilled professionals is perhaps the biggest test for Salesforce Partners and end-user customers around the world right now.


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