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Microsoft Business Applications Edition 2023

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2023 Key findings

Skills Gap

Digital Skills Gap

The digital skills gap is the biggest challenge facing the Microsoft ecosystem right now. In this edition, we delve into the realities of this tech divide and chat with thought leaders on how the growing skills shortage is impacting organizations worldwide. We also explore collaborative opportunities to work together to upskill existing talent and attract the tech stars of the future.

Skills and

Skills and certifications

Whether you're just starting out in your tech career or looking to progress in your current Microsoft role, our latest findings will keep your professional ambitions in check. From skillsets and certifications to training opportunities and becoming an MVP, our insights will help you fulfil your goals and discover new ways to boost your earning potential.

Attracting and
retaining talent

Attracting and retaining talent

Top talent isn't easy to come by, but retaining skilled Microsoft pros can be even harder. So, what are professionals looking for when sizing up their next employer? How can businesses create a culture that places both people and planet at its heart? We spotlight the latest developments you need to know and how to keep pace with emerging workplace trends.

Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How much progress has been made on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the Business Applications community? Which policies and practices should we focus on to drive real change in the tech industry? Our findings uncover the latest trends—and gaps—in the EDI space and what we can do to create a more inclusive environment for all.

Digital Skills Gap

The digital skills gap is firmly in the spotlight across the global ecosystem, but what is the true impact of this chronic skills shortage? And how can we tackle this challenge head-on while also embracing the opportunities it brings? We explore these questions and more, with exclusive insights from thought leaders in the Microsoft space.

Skills and certifications

Entry-level or pro, whatever stage you’ve reached, our findings will help to steer your career decisions on everything from which Microsoft stacks to specialize in and the most in-demand skillsets you need to master, to the certifications worthy of your time and investment to boost your employability and take-home pay.

Attracting and retaining talent

With more socially conscious candidates seeking employers who live and breathe their values— finding and hiring sought-after professionals is more competitive than ever. We profile the latest trends in the talent acquisition space that will set you apart from other employers and share insights on creating a happy workforce that will grow with your business.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What does the equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) landscape look like in the Microsoft 365 and Azure communities? Our findings delve into the latest EDI developments and trends in the global ecosystem, along with the policies and best practices that will drive real change in your organization and create a level playing field for all.

Nelson Rodriguez

Senior Director of Product GTM and Customer Transformation for Business Applications


Imagine a world where complex businesses can operate with the coordination of a well-tuned symphony, where data-driven decisions are made in real-time, and where growth and innovation are the norm. This is not just a dream, it’s the reality that Business Applications make possible for tens of thousands of organizations every day.

Business Applications enable organizations to streamline their operations, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately drive growth. And the tech keeps getting better, with advancements in machine learning and AI, and constant feature improvements.

But here’s a secret: people are still the engine.

Business Applications can revolutionize the way a company operates, giving it a competitive edge in the marketplace. However, one of the key concerns companies express when considering a major transformation is the skills gap. A flood of companies looking to improve how they operate need to make sure they have the right people who know how to use the tools.

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About our data

This publication is based on over 87,900 data points, including self-reported survey information from over 873 Microsoft Business Applications professionals worldwide between May and August 2022. Respondents span a range of industries, come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and cover a mix of professionals and hiring managers.

We’ve validated every survey response using robust statistical analysis and automated data validation rules to be included in the final results. Any data that didn’t pass our validation rules and statistical analysis or were deemed questionable, incomplete, or duplicate were removed so that the results published are meaningful and accurate.