Overcoming your business challenges with Microsoft Dynamics

Practical business continuity advice from experts to help you thrive, whatever the circumstances.

With over 65 pages of insights, advice, and best practices from industry professionals, our Overcoming your business challenges with Microsoft Dynamics white paper is the ultimate guide to optimizing your business with Dynamics.

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“Migrate your tools to the cloud, and redesign your processes using the Power Platform. From simple apps, to virtual agents and dashboards, the Power Platform is geared to provide rapid solutions to daily processes.”

Victor Dantas, Microsoft MVP and Power Platform Consultant

Actionable advice from cloud experts on


Cost saving

Business continuity 

Remote working


Data security

at scale

Growing at scale

“In the short term, IT leaders should be focusing on how to use systems, data, and business intelligence to continue operations remotely and ramp back up as people return to work. In the long term, contingency plans should be in place for business continuity, regardless of the circumstance, including distributed computing.”

Shelly Gore, cloud ERP and Global Suply Chain Expert at A Bigger View

Optimizing resources, cutting costs, upgrading your infrastructure: you’ll find these things on almost every organization’s to-do list.

But often, planning for tomorrow gets put on the back burner while you deal with business-as-usual today. What we’re experiencing right now is not business-as-usual. The global coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the way businesses operate, how we deliver our products and services, and the day-to-day lives of our workforce. These unprecedented circumstances have forced the hand of many businesses and transformed those “nice to do” future tasks into immediate necessities.

If you’ve found yourself having to enable remote working, adopt new digital services, or take your business processes online practically overnight, you’re not alone.

Utilizing CRM and ERP platforms can help you get the right infrastructure in place quickly, keep costs down, and secure your priceless business data. In this white paper, Dynamics experts share their advice, tips, and best practices for getting started with CRM and ERP, optimizing your operations, and maximizing your Dynamics investment.